Managing Director

With over 10 years in the recruitment industry I bring a vast wealth of experience and zest for life into Top Rank Recruitment.  I have my own style of management and a proven track record of best working practices in recruitment.  Culminating in winning a national Independent Recruiter Award in 2015 and numerous top biller awards at the companies I have worked with.

We at Top Rank Recruitment expect all our staff to follow my example and to bring integrity and honesty into their working environment.  The working practices I have adopted for our consultants ensures quality of service and that we get the job done right, first time.

Best Recruitment

I believe your limitation in life is only your imagination and great things never get done when you are in your comfort zone. Always challenge yourself and you will never get complacent.

When I get spare time, I have a passion for Speedway and have been known to ride a bit on the circuit.  Also, I enjoy playing football and amateur boxing.

Best Recruitment

Operations Director

Every company needs that person to ensure that all the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed.  That a company runs smoothly and decisions are made that move a company forward and not backwards.  As a self-confessed workaholic I have found the perfect MD to work with.  You can be sure that we constantly look at ways to streamline and improve our processes and build a comfortable working environment for our team.  Giving your employees the right tools and working hard to ensure they are looked after and follow the rules, does bring dividends in loyalty and longevity.

Having worked in several employment sectors I have seen great ways and terrible ways of running a company.

I believe the company ethos we are building at Top Rank Recruitment combined with the working practises we have thought long and hard about, will be rewarded by a satisfied client base.  A client base that will come back to us time and time again.  This will allow us to fly above our competition in the industry.  Watch out guys & girls, here we come!

Managing Consultant

I’m a results driven recruiter with high energy and a passion for sourcing and recruiting top talent.

Recruitment is problem solving at its best and I believe transparency is key to this.  As a managing consultant, my goal is to understand the ins and outs of our clients’ needs and build a trust driven relationship in order to give the most beneficial service for them. This is something I have proven over my years as a recruiter.

“In an industry full of templates, it’s important to be personal and genuine”

Best Recruitment

“Don’t promise them the world then hand them an Atlas”

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you are always going to go where you’ve always gone”

When I’m not writing corny quotes, you can find me socialising with family and friends, watching/playing sports or cooking up a storm.

Best Recruitment

Talent Acquisitions Manager

I have worked my way up in the Recruitment Industry from an Apprentice all the way through to a Specialist Consultant.  This has given me a solid knowledge and experience base in a wide variety of recruitment sectors.  I mainly specialise in candidate-based recruitment and I pride myself on taking a more personal approach when finding suitable candidates for our clients.  When looking for candidates I believe it is imperative to get to know the clients needs first.  Then finding a candidate becomes much easier.

It is easy to just search online and send numerous candidates to interview who seem to fit the bill.  But I have found this isn’t the best approach.

I take time to vet our candidates to ensure they fit our clients job specifications and company ethos.  And then support them through the recruitment process.

In my spare time I like nothing more than relaxing with my dog Riley or visit my local pub with a good book.